A .NET Poem

I have been looking at the BCL a lot lately in preparation for a presentation on What’s new in the Base Class Library for Whidbey that I am doing at EdgeEast and at DevTeach.

Ever since K.C. pointed to this brilliant visualization of Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements“ song, I have been hoping someone with more talents than I would attack it from the CLR perspective. But alas. Here is my first crack at it:

System, data, SQL Client, Text and XML
Reflection and Collections, Port and Diagnostic hell
Windows Forms and Drawing, Web, U.I. and WebControl
and Timers, Threading, Logging. I.O., Ports and Protocols
Security, Cryptography, Discovery, Transactions
Configuration, Interop and Serial-i-zation
I don’t know what’s come over me, this constant revelation
It seems it’s from a lethal redpill/koolaid combination

ok – lame ending but hey, I gotta get back to work

[syndicated from Julia Lerman’s Don’t Be Iffy Blog. Please refer and comment here]

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