AngryCoder threatens to switch to VB.NET just for Edit & Continue – will he give up Web Development, too?

If you have spent any time on Jonathan Goodyear’s site, you will know that he has never been shy about how he feels about VB.NET (well, sometimes I think he targets the VB developers, not just the language). So in his ASP.NETPro Mag commentary on the lack of Edit & Continue in ASP.NET 2.0 (yes, E&C will only be in Windows Forms!) it is amazing to hear him say (well, see him write…) :

I think that omitting Edit-and-Continue from VS 2005 would be a colossal miscalculation that Microsoft will regret. The future will validate this obvious prediction. Edit-and-Continue is so important to me, that I plan to make VB.NET my preferred development language if C# does not support it (the future of that is hopeful, but still unknown). Those who are familiar with my history of commentary regarding C# vs. VB.NET can appreciate just how big a move that would be for me. If ASP.NET doesn’t support Edit-and-Continue, we’re back at square one.

I don’t really think Jonathan will EVER give up web development of course…

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