ASP.NET 2 changes from Beta2 to RTM

Brian Goldfarb points to this just released document: Major Changes for Visual Web Developer 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0 from Whidbey Beta 2 to RTM . Thanks for keeping us up to speed!!

Here’s one that I’ve been waiting for.

SqlCacheDependency.Start method required for cache dependencies based on SQL Server 2005.If you are creating cache dependencies based on SQL Server 2005, you must call the System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDependency.Start method to initialize SQL Server 2005-based dependencies.

 I am still on Beta2 and will be downloading the August CTP as soon as it’s available because I have great faith that the issues of using SQLDependency as a non-admin will be worked out. A number of us have been tearing our hair out about this one. Don’t worry, I’m not bald yet.

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