Awesome looking webcast series to bring VB6ers into the .NET fold

Are you or do you know a VB6 programmer who is still worried about the leap, learning curve, etc. to .NET? To me the most daunting thing was not wanting to just do things the VB6 way when I moved to .NET. I didn’t want to be just another mort. Well this looks like a REALLY promising series of webcasts that takes VB6 devs by the hand and shows them the real meat of .NET. Quoting Duncan MacKenzie

A series of 15 webcasts & lab exercises for the VB6 programmer… (see the full list here)

MSDN Webcast: Program Execution in the 21st Century – Level 200
2/3/2004 1:00 PM – 2/3/2004 2:30 PM Live Meeting Webcast

This is the first webcast in the 15 part series “Modern Software Development in .NET Using Visual Basic”.

Developers shouldn’t miss this opportunity to examine the following topics with renowned author Joe Hummel, PhD: Virtual machines, sandboxes, garbage collection; Class libraries; Execution in .NET: CLR, FCL, JIT compilation, GAC; Quick discussion of application designs: monolithic vs. component-based

Presenter: Joe Hummel, PhD. DevelopMentor instructor and course author, DevelopMentor

I will be making sure that not only everyone in my user group knows about this, but I will use my INETA connection to get this out to all user group leaders around the world.


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