BCL … Literally

When I started working on my Edge East presentation (that I have written about a lot lately) I was really focusing on the fundamentals of the BCL. The conference organizers had picked the same title as Kit George’s talk at PDC which was absolutely about the fundamentals. But the more bounced some questions around the more I realized that because the literal definition of the Base Class Libraries is ALL of the classes, that this is what most people also tend to lean towards.

So I really struggled with trying to decide if I should aim “high” – for those people who might be expecting a wide variety of things from the classes including System.Windows or System.Data (lots of interesting new things in system.data!) – or aim low at those who are in fact looking for the fundamentals.

I am not duplicating Kit’s presentation. Even if I wanted to it would be impossible since he used different bits (and knows this stuff a little better, heh)!

I rewrote my abstract 4 times. But as I wrote earlier, I eventually decided where I wanted to be and finally got going on it.

Though 80% of my choices are still from the fundamentals, I currently do have in there some of the new System.Data classes/methods as well as a mention of a property that falls into the windows name space.

Kit George has been kind enough to talk with me about this and I am again inspired to stay low and focus on those classes that do fit in to the Fundamentals area that I look at every day on my beautiful WinFX poster.

The real problem goes back to here – so many new great and interesting things and only an hour or so to talk about them.

All of this angst for an hour long talk. But really it’s fun because I am learning a lot of things that I might not have taken the time to focus on right now. And it is only going to make the presentation that much better.

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