Burlington CEDO presents a mini-Web 2.0 Workshop for local businesses

The Community Economic & Development Office of Burlington (CED0) will be putting on a workshop to prepare local businesses for Web 2.0 

The goal is for the Business Technical Assistance Providers to learn more about the current trends using Web 2.0 technologies. In turn they can better assist current and future business owners in understanding how this could enhance their businesses

The workshop is on Sept 20th from 10:15-11:30am.

I’ll be doing a 10 minute talk on blogging and it’s impact on businesses. I’ll use my own experience and Microsoft’s blogging as examples. Can you imagine me trying to keep anything to 10 minutes? 🙂

Burlington’s web infrastructure is growing by leaps and bounds, so they want to make sure that businesses know how to take advantage of the capabilities. I look forward to seeing infrastructure like this permeating other areas of the state.

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