Carefree install of VS2005 bits

Well I ended up just dedicating my laptop to installing VS2005. It already had Whidbey PDC bits on it so I wasn’t planning on depending on it for anything else. I had to do a LOT of uninstalling first – VS.NET Whidbey, .NET Framework Whidbey, then the new install also forced me to uninstall .net 1.1, 2003, vs.net2003 help files. But after that, the install went just peachy. Sadly, I am not bringing my laptop with me to Seattle tomorrow, so I will play for a few hours tonight and then leave it for a week. My tiny little tablet is coming with me to Microsoft and I plan to bring reading materials – one novel – Scott Spencer’s new book (Scott is a “local” in Rhinebeck, NY where I used to live, so I thought it would be fun to read his latest) and one [JUST ONE] .NET book. Maybe I’ll bring the ADO.NET 2 book with me that is the current book for the .NET book club. Or maybe I’ll bring Paul Vick’s new VB book or – hmm that stack is VERY tall these days….

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