Choosing what to put into under one hour on the Whidbey BCL

I have a lot of fun discovering what’s new in the base class library for whidbey. Besides just digging through the documentation , there are some other great resources.

Kit George’s PDC presentation (using bits that are different that from what we have)
Newgroup discussions
Michael Lane Thomas article in Code Magazine
BCL Team page on GotDotNet (code, articles, demos, etc)
BCL Team Blog

and of course lots of weblogs of other people in discovery mode, too.

Also, I have learned a lot from some of the comments in some of my own posts, as well.

Everybody has a different set of things that they think are cool when given a time or space limit and you really have to select.

So my EdgeEast talk has to be 45 minutes (though I’m at 4:00 pm with nothing after me, so maybe my time is longer) and I have to go through the list of everything that I found interesting and pick and choose from there what I will talk about, demo on, breeze by or or just have to skip for now. I think it would be a lot more fun if my talk was 8 hours long!!

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