Crystal Reports Workaround

There is a barely documented problem with Crystal Reports for .NET that occurs if you try to pass a dataview as a datasource to a report. The report has been built via a project dataset (XSD).

Here is the tech support entry. It has a tracking id of “CR ADAPT00117088”. I probably don’t have the latest patch but there is no reference anywhere else to this track id.

The work around is just to pull the dataview data into a new datatable. Crystal doesn’t give a sample so here is one for anyone who may be looking.

First here is the long way around if you need a table to move into a dataset.

Dim tbl As DataTable = myDataView.Table.Clone
Dim iRow As Int32
For iRow = 0 To dv.Count – 1
mycrystalreport.SetDataSource(tbl)  ‘this assumes you only have one table for your datasource

(I need to make a confession – I have been so stung by the problem of trying to move a table from one dataset into another that I didn’t stop and think that I was sending a datatable not a dataset, so I did this the long way around. Thanks to Mike below for pointing out my silliness…see his comment for the easy way.)

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