Drilling into Datasets and Datatables in Debug Mode in Whidbey

Working on my vs.net 2003 project, I had a dream that perhaps Whidbey would let me drill into ado.net objects in the more seamless manner I had grown accustomed to in Visual Basic.

But alas. I’m sure there is a reason — a good one. But the problem persists.

You can’t get into a collection.

So if you have a dataset you can basically see the tables.count, but you can’t drill into  a table.

In a datatable, you can see the count of columns, but you can’t see the columns.

It’s a huge PIA when you are debugging and you want to see something about your datastructure or your data. I’m almost starting to wonder if there has been some other functionality in there all along that I have missed and I am just looking for the wrong thing.

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