Fun with Compressing Web Service Data Returns

I’ve been playing with Xceed’s .NET Stream Compression component and also fiddling with a compression soap extension written by Paul Glavich . I have this kinda big dataset I need to bring down via a webservice to persist for off line use. It’s almost 4 megs. On my DSL it was taking 2.9 minutes to download. Pity the poor user with dial-up. XCeed got it down to 12 seconds. I wanted to compare it to Paul’s component but have been doing something wrong, so he and I have been emailing back and forth. A lot has been just experimenting. Most of the wasted time has been spent editing the damned WSDL every time I update the webservice on the client side. That’s for WSE and for the soap extensions. What a pain. (Hopefully will discover big changes for that with wse2) Since 10:30 I have said “okay maybe tomorrow….” Finally went upstairs at 11:40 and while loading the toothbrush up with goo, I thought…hmmmm maybe… and here I am still at 12:40. Aaach. But really I’m going to bed right now. After I stick in these hyperlinks. Paul and I have been having fun though and I have learned tons about Soap Extensions thanks to the work that he did.

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