Generics Help and Type Placeholders

I’m working on the generics part of my little BCL Whidbey talk. I’m going to have about 5 minutes to do generics – whadya think? LOL.

I just wanted to point out that in addition to some of the more (now) classic resources, like Jason Clark’s MSDN Mag articles (1, 2) and Anders Hejlsberg’s PDC demo, Juval Lowy’s C# MSDN article, the generics chapter from the upcoming VB Whidbey book by Scott Swigart, Sean Campbell and a few others, that I found Rob Chartier’s article on 15 Seconds very helpful. Since I spend 97% of my coding time in VB, I have to work a wee bit harder when dealing with the C# stuff and also C# before and after generics is very different than VB before and after Generics. It was not such a big leap from VB into generics. Anyway, thanks Rob.

I also had a funny idea. Since I am always adding grins in the form of (hmmm, will this mess up my html?) into emails, I like the idea of using “g” as my place holder when i’m building generic classes. Then my code will always be happy with little “”s everywhere.

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