Get out yer plumbin’ tools – WSE here I come!

Inspired by Rory Blyth’s post on what .NET techonology we fear the most (hands down for me, it’s WSE) and a need to return login data from a web service in a secure manner, I am about to finally (finally!) use WSE. I have just installed WSE1 SP1 SDK on my dev machine and the runtime on my webserver. (add: and the WSE Settings Tool!!)

I have at my disposal Bill Evjen’s Web Service Enhancements book and this MSDN article (Encrypting SOAP Messages Using Web Services Enhancements) by Jeannine Hall Gailey.

My plan to grab the data via a dataset, writexml to an xmldoc and then send the xmldoc back to the client inside an encrypte soap body. (BTW – I am not looking for instruction, correction, hints, etc – I want to do this myself!!)

I am a perfect guinea pig for WSE. I even concede: the person who they are writing Indigo for. Once I get past this, then I can confidently say “if *I* can do it, anyone can!”.

P.S.  I’m well aware that WSE2 is right around the corner and I’m SOSOSO far behind with this but WSE2 is not for production. So I’ll cust my teeth on with WSE1 and then look at the tech preview of 2.

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