Hosting WinForms Controls in ASP.NET 2.0 VS2005 wierdness

I have spent most of the day trying to understand some bizarre behavior in VS2005 with ink on the web apps. The issue is not related to the inkable control per se, but the Windows Forms control hosted on a web page.

When I compile the Window Control Library into a dll for the first time, add it into the web project, then embed into the html as an <OBJECT> it works fine. But if I recompile the dll and re-add it tothe project, the control does not display. I get the standard “image not found” graphic that you would get on any web page displaying a jpg where the jpg is not available.

After many hours, I discovered the solution, which I am leaning towards thinking is only related to working on the development machine – if I change the name of the output assembly, then add that new assembly to the web project and modify the object tags accordingly, it works just fine.

This really made me nuts and I think I spent 6 hours trying to figure out “what I was doing wrong”. Of course, I’m not done with this yet… as this is not good behavior! I’ll have to find out if there is a logical reason for this, but it will be one more hindrance to people using ink on the web if they are developingin VS2005.

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