Kathleen Dollard coming to Vermont.NET next week

Many moons ago, when I made the transition from FoxPro to Visual Basic, my first resource I hit up was the newsgroups. There was Kathleen Dollard not only present but answering questions and she was the only woman’s name I saw anywhere in those groups. She was very nice and answered some of my really dopie newbie questions. I emailed her offline and said that i really appreciated her presence there, I didn’t feel like such an alien.

Years and years later, I have now developed a wondeful friendship with Kathleen, but only get to see her at random events like TechEd, DevConnections or the MVP Summit. So I am truly thrilled that she is coming to speak at Vermont.NET on Monday – thanks to the fact that she is an INETA speaker! She will be flying in on Saturday and so we get to play for a few days before the meeting.

She will then be heading up to Montreal to present at GUVSM on Tuesday night – again, courtesy of INETA. If I can get enough work done, I will go up with her and give her a mini tour of that beautiful city.

Kathleen will be presenting on Tracing in VS2003 and VS2005. I am not great at tracing, so when Kathleen says it sucks in VS2003 and has been overhauled and is wonderful in VS2005, I believe it! And I certainly need to get this lesson myself.

We will also have our 2nd .NET NEwbie session on Monday. After Laura Blood’s wonderful job at beginner OOP in .NET in June, Rob Hale from IDX is going to follow up with a presentation on Inheritence and Polymorphism in .NET.


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