MSDN Developer Community Champions – See their alter-egos

I was just on the MSDN Speakers page to grab a pic of Burlington based Susan Wisowaty who is one of the MSDN DCC’s and noticed something really fun that they have done to the site.

All of the DCCs have straight photos – serious and wearing their Microsoft shirts. But when you hover the mouse over the pictures, you see a real picture of that person. Bernard Wong competing with the sun in an ultra-bright t-shirt (you can always pick him out in a crowd!) ; Susan in her moto-cross gear :-), Russ Fustino in his tool-man garb, Rory Blyth being, well, Rory; and more. It’s really fun since I know a bunch of these folks. Go check it out!

Susan will be presenting on Avalon (WPF) at our July 17th Vermont.NET meeting. Before she worked for Microsoft, she showed up at meetings in her leathers more than once!

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