Patrick Hynds tonight at Vermont .NET

Pat Hynds is our Regional Director (though he’s about 3 or 4 hours away). He is also an INETA speaker, a big-time conference speaker and a security expert. Pat is also one of the nicest guys (ask anyone in the development community). The trivia I love the most, however, about Pat is that he holds the world’s record for Microsoft certifications!

Pat is coming to Vermont to speak to Vermont .NET tonight on his own, rather than through INETA.  The original plan was that he would come up and enjoy a weekend in Vermont and then do the presentation. Unfortunately, his schedule changed and he is driving up and back on the same day. Maybe it’s just me. I hate travelling, so the thought of driving 7+ hours for a 2 hour talk seems god-awful. But Pat, in his absolute kindness, has said that he doesn’t feel abused, rather he feels that he is abusing my hospitality by not taking advantage of it.

Awww shucks. Well, this will be a great talk “Best Practices and Techniques for Building Secure ASP.Net Applications” which he is revving up for the EdgeEast conference and also is the title of one of the presentations of the next round of MSDN events (that won’t be in Burlington anyway).

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