Rich Turner and Omri Gazitt on Soap Messaging: Chunk today– MTOM tomorrow

[Warning – I am NO Indigo or ws-messaging, etc. wonk , but] this post, by Rich of the indigo team, which references a post by Omri, caught my eye.

I learned a while ago why DIME can suck – if you have a large attachment, you can’t truly leverage the fluidity of streaming since the entire thing needs to get cached first.

So when someone writes about DIME and web service attachments I pay attention.

Rich Turner writes today about MTOM which is still a little wobbly but (from the best I can get from Omri’s post) will be worth the wait because of how it will be able to work with ws-security down the road.

For today, Rich says, we are still stuck with DIME (if Simon Fell ever followed me to my new blog, surely he is cringing with that statement… :-)) and its limitations and (though I recommend you read Rich’s and Omar’s entire posts) do heed Rich’s advice: “…we strongly urge you to consider chunking your messages into smaller payloads at the source and and de-chunking them at the destination.”

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