Sys-Con’s EdgeEast 2004 Conference in Boston

Gulp. Guess it’s official. I’m only doing the talk once, but maybe they just wanted it to look like they’ve got lots of women speakers by putting me on that home page twice! Just kidding. There are at least two others that I can see. My task is to pack a laundry list of what’s new in the Whidbey CLR into a very short period of time. I am still trying to decide if I should whiz through the list (boring), or just pick out my favorites and focus on them. I think a combo of those two would be the best – though timing will determine this. I’d also like to get a little into how these classes relate to WinFX. This is NOT the same as doing a talk on something you have great experience with – since it’s all new stuff. But it’s a great means of making sure I get my ass in gear!! 🙂

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