TDD Workshop in Montreal August 16th

GUVSM, one of the .NET User Groups in Montreal, is hosting a full day workshop on Test Driven Development on Tueday August 16th. The workshop will be taught be Scott Bellware, from Austin Texas, who has been doing TDD training for a while and is a passionate advocate of TDD. There will also be one section of the workshop taught by Mario Cardinal (one of the new Architecture MVPs) and Etienne Tremblay who has been doing a ton of work with Microsoft on VS 2005 Team System. They will do their session in English also.
The workshop is only $50 and even includes an MSPress book on OOP in .NET.
There is only room for 30 and as of Friday, it was half full.
More details here on Guy Barrette’s blog ( and at
The workshop will be in English.
If you can swing the day, I’d highly recommend it!

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