Think Security is boring?

Do you, Mr/Ms Developer, think Security is boring? Well after seeing most of the content for the DevDays web track – my answer to that is : TOUGH SHIT!

DevDays is doing a big job of trying to make this stuff accessible and palatable because it is THAT important that the secure development practices message and the HOW-TO get pushed out there.

I recognize a lot of my own mistakes in what they are trying to teach you not to do, even though I have really made an effort to do things securely.

I love my track because the first few tracks teach you about all the REASONS you need to write secure code. I get to be the knight in shining armor. Hmmmm – are there female Knights – cause I don’t know if “lady“ works for me! Anyway, I get to save the day with all of the solutions! Thanks Thom for assigning me this session!

Check the cities. See if one is near you and go!

(Darn, if only I was getting a commission! :-))

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