Thom Robbins: Don’t just move your code to .NET, move your mind

Thom Robbins is the Microsoft D.E. for New England. He blogs this morning about a recent presentation at a corporation that is heavily invested in VB6 and ready (?) to move to .NET. He makes a point that I have tried to deliver over and over again to developers.

Many times what people miss is that even though the code moves, you aren’t getting the full benefit of the .NET platform. …. In order to fully leverage the architectural paradigm shift and full power of .NET, it is essential that developers and architects approach applications with these expanded concepts in mind.

This is really one of my mantras when I talk to other developers. There is just so much in the framework that will make your life and your applications better. I understand that there are many situations where it is just not feasible to just redesign a whole application. As in independent who has total control over what tools I use, I had the good fortune to make a decision in the spring of 2002 that going forward, 100% of my new projects will be done in .NET.

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