Uploaded my What’s New in Whidbey BCL powerpoint deck

Over the winter, I had a great excuse to dive into the Whidbey BCL as I had a presentation to do for the Edge East Conference in Boston in February. I spent a huge amount of time going back and forth between the .NET 1.1 reference library comparing it to the reference library in the PDC bits. I did lots of experiments, watched Kit George’s PDC presentation so often that I’d no that voice *anywhere* :-). There was minimal information out there at the time. Practically the only thing anyone had written about was Generics (and those articles and book chapters were really helpful to me as well.)

I reworked the deck against the May bits of Whidbey for DevTeach in June – about a week before the Beta1 was released. I have uploaded that version of the deck. It is my attempt at a hit list of what’s new in the base classes. Many thanks to Kit George for clarifying things as well as making some great suggestions and feeding me some widely unknown tidbits every once in a while. Also thanks to Krzysztof Cwalina for some awesome posts on his weblog. Oh – and to Scott Cate and Scott Watermasysk for being my first guinea pigs on this talk over a live meeting in February.

Here it is…it’s 1.1 MB

As noted in a prior post, Ahmed AboutTaleb from the BCL Team just put up an official list of what’s new on the BCLTeam blog the other day.

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