VB is *not* a dying language

I have heard the prediction of the demise of VB from the mouths of some *very* believable sources (not at Microsoft).  These are people who are so immured in the internals of .NET that from their perspective it just may not make sense to have multiple languages. However from a practical perspective (i.e. the fact that there are just millions of developers using VB) it just makes no sense to *let* VB go away. There has been some loud vocalization of this in some recent Microsoft employee weblogs.

For example, here (Sean Gephardt) and here (Somasegar)  Somasegar is a Corporate VP of the developer division….I’ll believe him! And you gotta love this quote When I’m with VB developers, I hear things like “all the samples are in C#”, and when I’m with C# developers, I hear “VB At the Movies, the VB Power Pack – what about us?” I guess we must be doing something right.”)

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