Vermont Software Developer Alliance First meeting

Today we had the first meeting of the Vermont Software Developers Alliance. There were 40 people there and we had an amazing array of business types represented. Not only across technologies (where Microsoft had about a 60% share) but everything from contractors to businesses to upwards of 60 employees. There were companies who do consulting and companies who have software products. There were companies who consult for any type of business and companies who have expertise in particular markets – very strongly represented in Vermont is Health Care software but there was also representation of folks who have expertise in software for accounting, manufacturing, insurance and other industries.

It was really exciting since nothing like this has happened in Vermont before, while there are many state or regional software business associations around the country.

I’m equally thrilled to be able to accomplish something I have been trying to find a way to do for a long time – which is to share my now extensive resources with my local community beyond just learning about .NET programming.We have formed a temporary board to replace the steering committee which I was on and I will be on this board as we really bring this organization into being a legal entity and after that, we will vote for a real board of directors.

If you are in Vermont and are in the business of software, definitely check out the website where there is already some info, a place to list your information and take a survey so we can continue to understand what types of needs we all have as a group!

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