VS2005 compiler has encountered a problem, do you want to report it?

This seems to happen occasionally when I type into the code while debugging. So I say Cancel, i.e. no, and the question keeps coming up over and over. So if I say “ok” I know I’m in trouble when I get the screen about “large sections of the file may be include”. This always ends in a hang. (No there are no 3rd party add-ins installed). And then I just have to give in and open up task manager and trash it. Or wait for it to finally time out, but then I get the error “The Vbc taks failed unexpectedly”. Well, 10 of those errors, in fact. What a pain. Oh well. I’m sure the fact that I’ve got this wierd application that I am moving from VS2003 to Vs2005 has something to do with it.

I can’t tell exactly what the pattern is, but it is certainly not a random act of nastiness.

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