WPF at Vermont.NET on Monday night AND the Adapter Pattern AND awesome raffles! Lucky us!

MSDN DCC, Susan Wisowaty (who just so happens to live in Burlington – yeah, that’s right, we had her FIRST! :-)) will be presenting an Overview of Windows Presentation Foundation (aka Avalon) this coming Monday (July 17th) at the Vermont.NET User Group.

Given the great response to last month’s .NET Newbie session on the Observer Pattern (by Rob Hale), this month, Mike Soulia will do the Adapter Pattern during the .NET Newbie session.

Thanks to a recent INETA Swag mailing, and the generosity of many third party vendors we have lots of raffles for the group for a while. This month, we will be raffling off a license to Infragistics NetAdvantage, which is probaby the most widely used set of UI tools for .NET Windows and Web development. I’m always amazed at the ever growing size of the development team at Infragistics and also their ability to attract some of the bright stars in the .NET universe onto their payroll. Jason Beres has been there for many years now and was followed by Andrew Flick and then Devin Rader. All guys I had gotten to know through their heavy involvement with INETA. More recently, fellow ASPInsider, Ambrose Little, was lured to New Jersey to join the team.

In addition to that raffle item, Susan (and the MSDN team) is donating a PocketPC to raffle off at the event. Yahoo. And she’s also paying for the pizza.

There will be DVDs from the latest round of MSDN events and as always, t-shirts (gotta love ’em) to raffle off at well.

It should be a night that is fun and educational for all as well as prosperous for a lucky few!

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