42 potential BOF slots at PDC

The BOF sessions that are being organized by INETA at PDC will be set up like this:

In total, there will be 7 time slots spread out over a few nights for sessions. My guess is maybe 3 on one night and 4 on another, but I truly have no idea.

During each time slot there will be 6 rooms available.

Therefore, there will be a potential of 42 BOF sessions at PDC.

Right now I see 30 sessions on the PDC BOF site for voting. I know that there are at least two more that I just submitted, so there may be more submissions waiting in the wings for the BOF committee to deal with. But surely, there will be room for more.

Remember when coming up with a BOF idea that the purpose of a BOF is to be a discussion among all of the BOF attendees with one or a few people leading the discussion. It is not a presentation and there is no presentation equipment available (eg projector).

So go submit a proposal or vote. You can vote for up to 7 sessions, so if you want to vote for my Tablet PC or Going Solo sessions, you’ll have to wait until they are on the list.


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