Bill Zack – INETA Membership Manager for Northeast

I know – it sounds awfully formal, but INETA is getting all organized and grown up.

When I began as a volunteer in the User Group Management committee almost 3 1/2 years ago, I was the liaison for all of Canada and all of the northeast and a handful of other states as well. Slowly that has shrunk. Bill Zack came on board and I gave him NY and CT. Chris Pels came on board and I gave up RI and MA. Ohio and Pennsylvania eventually found more local liaisons and now there are 5 liaisons covering Canada. For the past year or two I had responsibility for communicating with the 5 groups (including my own) in Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire.  Now with INETA’s overhaul including a major restructuring that board member, Chris Wallace, has orchestrated in the Membership Division, I was happy to pass on these groups, and my buddies Pat Tormey, Joe Sarna, Tim Durgan and Phil Denencourt, to such good hands.

But those NH and Maine groups aren’t rid of me yet. Now I get to go visit them as an INETA speaker. That will be great fun and I look forward to it.

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