Heading out west to speak at Bellingham, WA and Olympia WA User Groups

Tomorrow I am flying to Seattle then speaking tomorrow night at the Bellingham.NET User Group (which is even closer to the Canadian border than where I live) and then Thursday night at South Sound.NET in Olympia.

Thanks to my pal Camey Combs for suggesting the trip and to INETA and user group leaders Paul Mehner and Andy Robinson for making it all happen. Apparently, Camey and Paul have been promoting the heck out of this. 🙂

At Bellingham, I’ll be presenting on LINQ to SQL and all the fun ASP.NET databinding you can do with it. In Olympia I’ll be doing a 6 hour overview of ADO.NET Orcas. Just kidding. I wish I had all that time to talk about ADO.NET! Alright, so I will try to keep it under 4 hours. No? Nobody wants to stay at a user group until 10pm. How about 2 hours? Heck, I’ve done it in 75 minutes and 90 minutes in the past (and 2 hours and 15 minutes also). We’ll see how it goes… [evil laugh].


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One thought on “Heading out west to speak at Bellingham, WA and Olympia WA User Groups

  1. "LOCK THE DOORS!"That’s right, we’ll have a geek-IN until you’re done.We just have to get out before the bars close, or we won’t be able to have the follow-up beer-scussion.And, yes, it turns out that our promotional efforts have been wildly successful and at last count we had close to 45 people promising to be there.I think this may be close to a high-water mark for us.Yay, Julie! Thanks for agreeing to be such a road warrior this week.

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