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The June 2006 INETA newsletter came out last week. Althought there’s alot of very interesting news in there, I was excited to see the interview of INETA Speaker Bureau member Phil Weber get out in the wild. I had fun asking questions but was astonished at some of his answers. Rather than spoil the fun, I’ll point to the newsletter!

Also in the newsletter: a new logo,  new tag line and a new fleshed out Sponsorship program!

There’s lots of INETA stuff going on at TechEd. A regional User Group Leader meeting (all are invited) on Sunday, June 11th and of course the Birds of a Feather sessions! This will be the first TechEd/PDC that I am not leading a BOF as I wasn’t sure of my travel schedule, but there are a ton of awesome BOFs scheduled.

So if you didn’t get the June Newsletter in your email, you can go right to the website to read all the news (that’s fit to print)!

The second INETA Live! session was held on Wednesday: Starting a User Group. This was presented by Dave Noderer, Jason Beres and myself. Unfortunately a nasty thunder and lightning storm that started just as the webcast began forced me to bail. Even during the first few minutes while I was explaining what a user group is, I was a wee bit distracted watching some b-i-g lightning bolts in the sky. My house got struck by lightning last summer, so I take no chances. I had to power down and unplug everything. I got back online and on the webcast aout 15 minutes before the end. Of course Dave, Jason, Amanda, Theresa and Chris had done an amazing job. 🙂

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