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I am [by choice] somewhat of a filter for the many general emails that come into INETA. It’s actually fun because I see so much that is going on and connect with a lot of people. Most times I need to just make sure the email gets to the person with the right knowledge to respond to whatever the email was about.

Today there was an email from a startup user group in Moscow (the one in Russia, not the little town outside of Stowe, Vermont). The leader is a university student who was part of one of the Imagine Cup teams that competed in the final rounds in Russia this year. I just needed to get that mail forwarded to Christian Nagel, but as I did I also cc’d a few other guys in Russia, Andrei Filev who is very involved with INETA and Mike Yasnev, yet another student u.g. leader from Moscow who I have chatted with a bunch of times. This way, the new user group leader could be sure to get connected to some other people who already have a experience with INETA and especially because Andrei is a great resource in Russia for .NET.

There are a ton of things that I do with INETA that give me great pleasure. This is definitely one of them.

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