Six INETA Speaker Events across the U.S. tonight

I just happened to be looking at the INETA “Upcoming Speaking Engagements” page and was struck by the fact that there are SIX events tonight!

Bill EvjenSan Diego .NET User Group3/28/2006
Bill VaughnKC .NET User Group3/28/2006
Chris MenegayAggieland (Texas A&M Univeristy) .NET Developers3/28/2006
Jeff ProsiseEast TN .NET User group3/28/2006
Kathleen DollardLower Alabama .NET User Group3/28/2006
Mike AmundsenCincinnati .NET User Group3/28/2006

It’s also amazing to see events scheduled all the way through to the end of 2006. It’s definitely hard to plan that far ahead, though I do have some INETA talks already scheduled in September!

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