Tim Huckaby, Raconteur Extraodinaire, coming to Vermont.NET

If you *must* look up the definition: here!

Tim Huckaby, known simply as “Huckaby” to some, is coming to speak at Vermont.NET on May 10th. Tim lives in California, so to take advantage of the trip east, he and his wife will be doing an enviable little New England B&B tour (NH, Maine, etc.) before arriving in Burlington.

Besides his impressive c.v. (CEO of InterKnowlogy, INETA Speaker, MSDN RD, etc. etc. with some very impressive clients as well) Tim is a very entertaining guy. His .NET Rocks interview is a classic!

At the VTdotNET meeting, Tim will be doing a talk on Smart Clients that he will also be doing at TechEd.

Many thanks to INETA for bringing Tim all the way here from California. We have our next INETA sponsored speaker, another RD from California, in fact, Michele Leroux Bustamante, coming in June. Oooh are we going to have fun!

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