SQL Server Expert Job in Connecticut

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SQL Server 2000 Expert

** Full-time position, Location is Connecticut, Salary is negotiable and highly competitive **
• Maintain production SQL server environment which supports a substantial base of mostly custom applications
• Serve as subject matter expert in working with Database/Software Developers and Data Analysts to define data models, schemas and database application architectures
• Implement and Manage best practice based security model and auditing including delegation, Kerberos and encryption
• Gain intimate familiarity with normal usage and operations of database applications in order to troubleshoot real-time issues and optimize databases, indexing and data allocations for efficiency and issue avoidance
• Design, development and installation of SQL monitoring systems and solutions
• Responsible for the implementation and operation of disaster recovery strategy, architecture, and detailed plan for all database applications
• Design and implement high availability, clustered, and replicated SQL environments where desirable and feasible
• Establish and document coding standards and best practices for schema design and T-SQL queries
• Establish and monitor procedures and technologies for creating and maintaining data dictionaries
• Establish and monitor procedures and technologies for change management within SQL Server
• Research and advance new technologies affecting SQL Server development that may provide value to enterprise applications
• Lead SQL Server in-house training efforts through the development of syllabi, course materials, and core knowledge requirements
• Expert level experience with Microsoft SQL 2000 – including usage, administration, monitoring, optimization, architecture, etc
• Substantial experience with large data sets – over 100GB in size
• Expert in profiler, real-time analysis, monitoring solutions
• Expert in Performance Optimization of queries and SQL code
• Significant experience in resolving complex, multi-component failures
• Must be able to create all aspects of documentation that follows traditional systems design methodologies
• Must have excellent organization, communication, teamwork and leadership skills.
• Must have demonstrated, strong attention to detail and quality.
• Must provide examples of analyzing and optimizing business processes in past roles
• Experience with OLAP services is desired
Near-term Projects in Addition to Ongoing Responsibilities:
• Baseline and gap analysis of current SQL environment vs. ideals and best practices
• Develop short and long term strategy for SQL environment monitoring and alerting
• Design and implement a SQL basic training course for in house developers to ensure a minimum threshold of consistent and appropriate SQL knowledge
• Create and begin the preparation process for an eventual migration to the SQL 2005 platform

For immediate consideration, please contact:
Anne Keehan
Brandywine Technology Partners
Phone: 302.656.6100 x225
Email: [email protected]


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