Vermont IT Job: .NET programmer design a new system in East Dorset

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Pad Print Machinery in East Dorset Vermont


Software Developer’s Dream Job


Here’s your chance become an integral member of a small team now developing an entirely new set of software designs.   Conceive and design software to dynamically create or manipulate graphic image data.  Explore the fascinating real world of digital color management.   Experiment with dithering algorithms for error-reduction in our printing processes.  Conceive and design new software to handle Customer product using robots. 


Our software will control an entirely new line of industrial equipment utilizing piezoelectric, drop-on-demand, ink jet and material deposition printing technologies. 


We are a solid, industrial manufacturing company based in the beautiful Green Mountain state of Vermont, expanding into the rapidly growing frontier of industrial digital ink jet machines.



And you? You have a minimum 3 or more years experience with a .NET language, or 5 or more years experience with C++ and 1 or more years experience with a .NET language, and experience with development of software for industrial applications.


Additionally, you have the ability to conceive and implement object oriented designs and have demonstrated experience with one or more techniques for communicating and modeling software requirements, component interfaces and software designs (UML, written user scenarios/use cases, design patterns, etc).


Specific experience with any one or more of the following a PLUS:

            –  motion control and related safety logic

            –  development using QNX real time operating system

            –  digital image processing

            –  test driven design/development

            –  design and execution of UI usability studies.


BS in an Engineering discipline or Computer Science a PLUS.  



The job


The software to be developed and maintained will provide image processing, motion control, and ink supply maintenance functions. Over the life of this product line, software will be repeatedly adapted/customized for unique printing and product handling applications.


As part of this job, you will: perform design analyses which identify at least one alternate design and rationale for the final design selection of any new major software functionality to be implemented; implement software solutions consistent with agreed requirements and software design; on occasion ‘bolt together’ existing software products as needed (getting incompatible platforms to work together and creating code to link them); utilize a system of source code control (Seapine SCM); continue development of existing systems by analyzing and identifying areas for modification and attend company-sponsored training in order to keep up to date with advances in the Industry as it relates to software design and development, particularly as it relates to the data processing needs of a digital printing business.  


Does this sound like your idea of fun? Then you are the kind of person who will “fit” into the team we are building, and the company you will be a part of. We are a lively, caring group that is dedicated to customer service, quality and teamwork.



For more information contact:

Laura Kwapien, Senior Software Engineer ([email protected])

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