Vermont IT Jobs: Burlington area ASP.NET + SQL Server consultant



Are you an ASP.NET / SQL Server Developer?  Are you looking for more clients?


In need of a freelance ASP.NET / Sql Server Developer to take over the web application needs of a small business.  We have an EXTREMELY urgent need to extract data from a sql server 2005 database into a “pretty” format in MS Word.  We’re willing to purchase the Aspose.Words ( )software (or any other reasonably priced reporting software tool) to complete the project.  The Aspose.Words software allows you to generate a MS Word document from data in a sql server database, through your ASP.NET application, without having to use MS Word itself.   


Beyond this project, we’de like to build a relationship with a local .NET developer so we have a “go to” person to support our future web application needs. 


If you’re interested, please contact Susan Holson at 802-985-5482 as soon as possible.

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