Vermont IT Jobs: Got Adobe Flex and a Web 2.0 mind?

Java Engineer Developer Lead


We plan to shake up the IT industry with a unique process management software application utilizing Web 2.0 technologies and the software-as-a-service model. Our target is the Global 2000 market. We are in the exciting start-up stage with beta test customers and will release our first version this fall.  The application is being built with Adobe Flex on the front end and Java on the back with open source technologies.  The founder has a proven track record with a past successful startup and is willing to provide a competitive salary with serious equity bonuses (stock awards, not stock options!).


We have huge plans and need a technical leader to build a smart technical team and to solve complex problems.  Please contact us if these points fit you:


Most Important

– You hate bad company politics

– You’re smart, energetic, and you like people

– You’re searching for something new and exciting to build (with passion!)


Technical Skills

– Strong experience building large complex web applications

– Expert with Java, XML, web services, databases, and open source solutions

– Can find solutions to everything else you don’t know


People & Project Skills

– Easily coach other smart and nice people

– Manage the entire development process and foster innovation

– Ensure efficiencies with standards and Agile development methods


Are you tired of smog, traffic jams, long commutes, mean people, and long travels to get out of town?


Our office is located in downtown Burlington, VT, a college town with lots of cafes, gourmet restaurants, fine arts, great skiing, sailing, hiking etc.  Live in the city and walk to work or settle in the country with very short commutes.


Oh yes, don’t bother going to our website yet since what we are doing now is still a secret!


Please send your resume to [email protected]

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