Vermont IT Jobs: .NET Developer in Burlington area

This is an informal first pass at looking for an experienced .NET developer living in (or willing to move to) the Burlington VT area.

I have a client that is ready to hire their own full time developer and hopefully grow a small team over the next year.

You will be building a Smart Client app from the ground up using the latest (released) tools from Microsoft: VS2005, SQL Server 2005. eBay API experience is a big plus. Experience with Web Service security (and chomping at the bit to work with Indigo in the near future) will put you on the short list.

I will be very involved in this project and on hand as your mentor. I just won’t be coding it.

No spaghetti coders or “I just graduated from school with my CS degree and am looking for a place to cut my teeth”ers. Same goes ifor anyone who does not know what a “Smart Client” is.

The company is well established and growing like crazy. Fun, laid back (but hard working) environment. Work on site.

Contact me directly (big strikes against you if you do that by commenting on this blog post).

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