Vermont ITJobs – Programmer needed for small, fun accounting software company

Data Systems Inc.,  Burlington, Vermont
(see below for a more candid description of the job…)


Be part of a dynamic small company where work life is never dull.
A job description follows:

PROGRAMMING in PRO-IV (fourth generation language or RAD):
• With senior systems analysts, design accounting software for new applications.
• Organize and help complete programming projects in cooperation with other programmers.
•  Enhance already existing programming for our customers.

• Answer customer questions on our major order fulfillment and accounting software products, PRO*ACCT, FUEL*PRO & FISH*PRO.
• Trouble shoot problems in the PRO*ACCT, FUEL*PRO and FISH*PRO order fulfillment and accounting modules.

• Other technical skills and knowledge are useful , i.e., in Visual Basic, LINUX, UNIX, WIN2000, Web design and Java are helpful.
• Accounting

Contact Data Systems, Inc. for more info at [email protected]


(a note to me from the president of the company since I didn’t know what PRO-IV was)

PRO-IV is not based on Visual Basic; however knowing BASIC logic and the feel of Visual Basic would help someone learn PRO-IV.  It is an extra-ordinary development environment.  I would love to do a presentation on it sometime.  We create very powerful applications in very short periods of time and those applications run on 25 or so different platforms!!  In addition to developing order fulfillment and accounting applications, we also do dynamic web sites and E-Commerce.   What we need most at the moment is someone to work with our order fulfillment and accounting applications. 

We are looking for someone with the following traits and abilities:

1 – a good problem solver and basic programmer (can program in Visual Basic or its equivalent). Knowing something about operating systems especially Linux or Unix is also a strength.

2 –  familiar enough with accounting to know whether you would enjoy spending 40 hours a week designing and coding accounting applications.

3 – interested in ultimately being a business owner because Data Systems is a worker owned corporation and every worker is offered ownership annually.  We want everyone working for us to be owners.

You do not need to know how to program in PRO-IV.  We would train you in that language.

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