Ambrose Little’s MVP Summit pics and WS-Sushi

Ambrose has a great collection of pictures.

For links to Ambrose’s, here are his blogs:

Day 4: write up, pictures

Day 3 : write up, pictures

Day 2 write up, pictures

Day 1 pictures

And thanks to Kirk Allen Evans for inviting me to the XML dinner on Monday night. As a general “.NET MVP”, I had a hard time picking and choosing where to go during the day and the evening. I was fortunate enough to spend time with a number of different groups, including ASP.NET, VB, Tablet PC and XML. Here is Kirk’s photo from the XML dinner (I was hardly the only non-XML MVP there…) which was a blast. Thanks also to Don Box and Dare Obasanjo for picking up the tab which must have actually required a Sumo wrestler’s strength  – imagine Sushi for 45+! Of course, that means thanks BillG. It reminds me of a job I once had, with an expense account. Anytime I paid a bill, the joke was “Thank Hugh” rather than thank you, since Hugh was the name of our boss. I thought I would link to the company, but geeze, I might get fined by Congress or something.

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