and today…contract first (finally!)

As long as I”m in the middle of a gaggle of learning curves (eg advanced ClickOnce deployment, uncommon UI threading issues, and a host of other things I’m dealing with as I port a particular app to VS2005), I added another one today – contract first web services. In addition to porting the application, I am adding in some enhancements that my client has requested. One of them required a new web service. So I thought it was a perfect time to drop everything and learn to do contract first, of course using thinktecture’s WSCF tool (testing out their not yet released VS2005 version). But I’m not just learning how to use their tool. I am such a weenie when it comes to schemas, WSDL, etc. – like many non-plumbers. This process is requiring me to get a little further under the sheets with this stuff, too. One wonders why it takes me so long to finish something. Of course this is not including the hours I had to take out dealing with compatibilty issues between our scanner (Canon LiDE 35) and our new printer (HP Laserjet 1320) and continued research on DVI KVM’s (I think I found what I’m looking for here) and while I was at it ordering a DVD burner (finally) so I can freakin’ install the new Vista bits.

Anyway, back to it!

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