Are girl geeks geeky enough to write utility programs?

Ziff Davis’ DevSource is having a great Utility Programming contest with a grand prize of a trip to VSLIve NY. The contest entries have until June 11th to be submitted.

Here is a description of the contest

Ziff Davis Internet challenges you to write a software utility that runs on a current Windows operating system. Your utility should help simplify, automate, secure, and streamline one’s PC experience.

The utility can do nearly anything you like, though we’ll give extra attention to software that does something especially useful, elegant, and innovative. We want to hear from you!

Esther Schindler, a writer who is working with DevSource, noted that so far not one of the entries was written by a female developer. Why is that? Are utilities too geeky for chicks? We just thought it was a curious thing.

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