Attempting to install SQL Server 2005 April CTP without repaving the machine

It didn’t go well.

I used the VS2005 Cleanup tool and then uninstalled all sql server 2005 stuff from the add/remove programs panel. Maybe I didn’t do the sql correctly.

VS2005 Beta 2 installed charmingly. I did not install SQL 2005 Express with that.

Then I ran into a not uncommon problem with my SQL Server 2005 install which told me that all of my key SQL Server stuff was still installed.

Indeed it was still there. And I could not get rid of it.

I found info (thanks Wally) about using MSIINV.EXE (here’s a link to download) to list the offending products, grab their GUIDs and then use MSIEXEC -x to uninstall them but the MSIEXEC failed too… on every single one.

So after the 5 hours I have invested in this, now it’s time to give in and just repave the entire machine.

Since I have to travel with it (so I don’t have to carry two computers) I also need to install a bunch of other stuff on it, so I think my day is shot.


(No, this box will not handle VPC but thanks in advance for the many suggestions to do so. I will, however, install the base stuff and ghost it before I install any of the beta bits.)

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