BASIC turns 40. When did YOU first use it?

My first BASIC class was in my junior year in College which would either have been fall of 1981 or spring of 1982. Yeah – before most of you were born. We worked on HeathKits that the mathematician professors (a married couple) had built.

Here’s Paul Vick on the topic and an AP Article he was interviewed for.

I love this from the article! Brings back memories!!

10 PRINT “In 1963 two Dartmouth College math professors had a radical”

20 PRINT “idea – create a computer language muscular enough to harness”

30 PRINT “the power of the period’s computers, yet simple enough that even”

40 PRINT “the school’s janitors could use it.”

50 END

Mike Gunderdoy says “more than 1/2 of those years” for him. I guess that makes us about even!?

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