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4/14/04: Now he tells me: I misspelled Casey’s last name in the title and below and am correcting it for google’s sake. But my misspelling, for those of you who came here for the laugh was “Chestnut“.

I haven’t looked at Casey Chesnut’s weblog in a long time. Not since I was fiddling with doing some work on the pocket pc for a client but that turned into a tablet/laptop app.

Don Box recently pointed to Casey’s blog. I have been looking around there. I have a sinking feeling after looking at what he is doing which is something along the lines of wondering who I think I’m kidding sometimes when writing about the things I am learning. This guy is damned smart and he doesn’t have to work too hard for it to show.

I am so unfocused – one day trying to rebuild my server, another day playing with ink controls, the next day looking at wse2 the next day Whidbey bits and then Lonestar and  around and over and under and back and forth. And all in between trying to do my own work, etc.  I don’t get a chance to stick with any one thing long enough and I am looking at just too many things at once. Not sure where I am going with this thought. Part of me (and everyone I know) says I need a major vacation. But then of course I’ll only fall further behind.

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