Devconnections Las Vegas

A quick post from Las Vegas! I’m at DevConnections in the incredible Mandalay Bay, there are, I believe, about 1500 attendees which is phenomenal.

This year I am in the fortunate position of being a speaker which means getting to hang out in the speaker lounge where we are all working on our talks!

I had the best luck this morning to have sitting across from me, Durga, who just happened to own a pieceof .Net2.0 that I hare been very confused about. He even had a demo of what I was trying to do. So after seeing his demo, I finally was able to fix my demo on that class! (and then share it with others.) the conversations in here are amazing so its a lot of fun!Of course I want my talks to be perfect, but I also want to go to some of the great talks that are going on today and the Next few days. There are a few Burlington people here, too, which is always a big treat for me!

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