DevConnections Spring – Pre-Conference Workshops: WSE2 1/2 day

Not sure if I mentioned that I am doing a 1/2 day pre-con workshop at ASP.NET Connections on March 20th (Orlando).

I am taking my WSE2 Security for Dummies talk and doing it for THREE hours, rather than trying to smoosh what is actually two presentations into one 75 minute session.  This is the way I prefer to do this talk because the point is to try to share what I know about WSE2 (and the security basics you need to grok in advance). I just can’t do it to my heart’s content in 75 minutes.

It’s from 1-4 pm on Sunday March 20th.  There are 3 morning sessions also if you want to make a full day of it. Here are the details of the pre and post con sessions.

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