DevDays prep – what I don’t have to do

When I got asked to present on ASP.NET security at not one but two DevDays events, I accepted [of course] and then afterwards started wondering where I was going to find the time to create a high quality presentation for such a big event. I have a few others that I am currently working on and it is hard (though rewarding and if you are really lucky, educational) work. Since this was my first time at bat for DevDays, I didn’t learn for a few more days what is beautiful about this event. You may know by now of course, from reading Brian Goldfarb’s weblog that he and Jeff Prosise have created the content for the web security track. Boy oh boy, this is like having my cake and eating it too. So you may be getting locals (and in some cases even local yokels) doing the presentations, but Brian and Jeff will be in many ways right up there on stage with us, feeding our brains…and yours! Of course a lot of the presenters are more than capable of creating their own session materials for this, but the benefit is that there will be very high-quality consistency for every single date.

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