DevTeach bound

The DevTeach pre-con workshops are today. I am heading up tonight as the main conference is Tuesday through Thursday. Montreal in the spring – aaaah!

There’s so much going on at DevTeach.

Tomorrow morning, Pablo Castro will be doing his keynote, which I’m looking forward to. He will follow up wiht a focus group on Entity Framework in the afternoon.

There is going to be a lively panel on OpenSource on Wednesday night as well as two Birds of a Feather sessions.. one on pair programming with Oksana Udovitsdka and Wendy Friedlander of Oxygen Media in NYC. I’m looking forward to meeting these two hip young women programmers even though I know I will stand next to them feeling like a frumpy old middle aged lady programmer. ūüôā

I’ll be doing three talks. One is on Hacking Click Once, based on my experiences I wrote about in this CoDe Magazine article. It’s been hell getting this to gel with IIS7. I will also be doing a presentation on using the asynchronous features of ASP.NET 2.0 and then I will be talking about Entity Framework on Thursday afternoon.

I’m also looking forward to seeing Kate Gregory, who I haven’t seen in way too long. Kate and I first met at the first DevTeach. We had each been told “you should meet…” and without having seen pictures of each other, we recognized each other immediately when we passed in a hallway. In fact there are many people that I met at DevTeach who have since become friends. It is a conference I truly look forward to every year.

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